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"The Dream Foundation is very pleased to benefit from this unique program. The partnership with the Star Foundation benefits individuals who are terminally ill who are requesting a dream that will have lasting memories for their families."

      - Carol Brown, Executive Director, Dream Foundation

"I just wanted to say that The Star Certificate was a great gift! Stars are the most beautiful things in the world, and so is donating to charity. My boyfriend gave me my Star Certificate on Valentines Day, and I could never forget how sentimental it was."

     - Kristie Nowell, West Virginia

"Toys for Tots is very excited to have the Star Foundation as a Corporate Sponsor. Corporate Sponsors, such as the Star Foundation, help us to reach a much wider array of charitable donors. Their Star Naming program is a unique gift idea that we are proud to be a part of." 

     - Bill Grein, Vice President, Toys For Tots Foundation

"I want to say "Thank You" to the people on your staff that helped me. My girlfriend received her gift today and she absolutely loved it. I am glad the Star Foundation has great customer service, and is someone I can rely on in the future. Thanks Again."

     - Michael Sauceda, Oskaloosa, Iowa

"We presented my Mother with her very own Star on Christmas morning and although she was to die five days later of acute leukemia, The Star was the most treasured and important gift we have ever given to anyone! Mother was in The Hospice at May Court in Ottawa, Canada and her face lit up when she read the plaque - she was absolutely thrilled to receive it. So many people have asked us about it since then and we are proud and happy to provide them with your web site address. We hope you continue to receive orders from families like ours - with loved ones with
terminal illnesses - this gift is not only original and poignant but provides us with a constant and loving memory when we look into the sky at night."

    - Carole and Art Collier, Ottawa, Canada

"I want to thank the Star Foundation for giving me a unique gift to give a loved one. It's for my girlfriend's 18th birthday. We've been together for almost 11 months now and I wanted to give her something very special but I didn't know what. Then I remember an email I recieved during Christmas about buying a star:)

Once again thank you so much for the opportunity to dedicate something so meaningful. Something that says its straight from the heart. And I think its great that portion of the money goes to others!"

     - William, El Centro, CA

"I received my "Star certificate" today. It was just what was needed to comfort our family in the loss of our German Shepard, named Samson (Sammy). As an amateur astronomer I was quite pleased with the choice of the star that was chosen, and with the aid of my computerized telescope, it was a simple task to show our family "Sammy's Star". Thank you for the nice job that you did for us, and your prompt attention to this order."

     - Charles F. Morris, Illinois

"I just received my Star Naming Package and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am. The Package is more than I expected! Thanks so much for putting together such a great gift."

     -Jeremy Erwin, Pasadena, CA

"Your Star Naming Program is a great idea! I was informed about your program from a friend and had to learn more about it for myself. I can't believe you guys donate 25% of the proceeds to charity! I wish your company great success."

     -Sierra Tosca, Florida

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great gift. I named a star after my wife for our anniversary and she said it was the most romantic thing I have ever done! Have any good ideas for next year?"

     -Michael Anderson, Long Island, NY

"I received your Star Naming Package as a gift from my boyfriend and I am very pleased with it! Guess what I'm getting my dad for Christmas this year?"

     -Tabitha Cartwright, London, England

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